Our ambition is to breed the best with the goal of acquiring a show-quality puppy. Breeding in this manner offers the best in health and quality for your next Yorkie puppy.

Yorkie puppies are one of the most popular of the toy breed when you desire to own a small dog. Yorkshire Terrier puppies have been called a York, Yorkie Terrier, Yorkshire mini and even Yorki. Visit the Yorkie Wikipedia page. Even though they are small, they make the best little watch dogs no matter what their size. Their loyalty has no bounds. Their playfulness and energy make them very entertaining also. YORKIES are also great lap dogs. They will sit there for hours just to be with you. This breed of toy dogs is typically less then 10 pounds and are usually between 4 to 7 pounds which is the AKC standard size.

Their coats are typically very gorgeous long, silky that flows as they strut. Many find the puppy cut look to be very easy to manage.

There are many breeders online where baby Yorkies are for sale. We can ship your puppy to their new home keeping safety regulations in mind. Purchasing pets online can be tricky. Before you purchase a Yorkshire Terrier online, search the breeder for their reputation. Searching online for Yorkies for sale or tea cup Yorkie can come up with a number of customer reviews. You will feel more at ease when buying your Yorkie puppy when you see some great reviews of that breeder.

When looking for YORKSHIRE TERRIER PUPPIES FOR SALE, consider a little older dog.  Older dogs can already be socialized and have some great habits already. Much of the new puppy training is already done for you.

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Yorkie Puppy Information and Facts

The fact is there are lots of Yorkie puppies for sale on the internet. If you are looking for a great representation of the breed, then carefully choosing a Yorkie breeder should be your highest priority.

It is easy to be fooled by Yorkshire Terrier breeders labeling their Yorkies like TEACUP YORKIE PUPPIES, MINIATURE YORKIE, TOY YORKIE, as well as, unacceptable colors such as CHOCOLATE YORKIES, GOLDEN YORKIES, BLUE  YORKIES, RED YORKIES, or parti-colored Yorkies naming just a few. These colors aren't common because reputable Yorkie breeders would not breed these incorrect colors which are associated with genetic and health issues. Using such labels are deceptive at the very least. Tea cup Yorkie, mini Yorkie, etc. do not exist as a breed.

Choosing A Reputable Breeder
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Yorkie Puppy Care Tips